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Balaban and Katz is a registered trademark of the Balaban and Katz Historical Foundation

Balaban and Katz operated hundreds of theatres in Chicago and the Midwestern United States from 1917  until 1970

McVickers Theater Chicago Image courtesy Rev. Fred Krauss

Oriental and United Artists Theatres Image Courtesy of Chicago Transit Authority

you are listening to Nat Shilkret and his Orchestra 1927

Uptown Theater Chicago Lobby, Courtesy of Theater Historical Society of America

State Street Chicago Street Scene 1960's

Chicago Theater Lobby- Balaban and Katz Foundation Collection

Cover of the Playbill for the State Lake Theatre in Chicago when it belonged to the orpheum circuit

Chicago Theater Exterior 1941 -Library of Congress

THe Regal Theater- public domain post card

Exterior of the Regal Theater in Chicago , 1941, courtesy of the Library of Congress

Courtesy Compass Rose Cultural Crossroads

Patrons leaving the Regal Theater Chicago 1941, courtesy of The Library of Congress

Chicago Theater -Public Domain Post Card

paradise Theatre -Chicago Public Domain Post Card

Cover of Recipe book

Roosevelt Theatre Chicago

Exterior of Belmont Theatre Chicago from Library of Congress

Exterior view of Tivoli Theater Chicago, courtesy Chicago Historical Society

Interior of Uptown theatre Chicago

Concrete ad for Will Rogers theatre Chicago courtesy Period Paper inc

Cover of 1926 Balaban and Katz Magazine

Barney Balaban, secretary of B and K and President of Paramount Pictures